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Why Do You Need a Facebook Likebox and How to Create One

Facebook is the most popular social networking platform on the planet. Social networking has been vastly popular over the past few years. At first it was MySpace and now Facebook is leading the social networking world as of today with Google+ in grave competition. Hundreds of millions of people actively use Facebook every day using their computer, mobile phone, tablet devices and more. Most people find themselves logged in to Facebook even when browsing the Internet or doing their job.

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Webmasters and particularly bloggers have a huge benefit of this. If you own a blog or a website, and if you want to publicize it as much as possible, you should first concentrate on Facebook. You may wonder why on earth you should care about Facebook where people actually talk about things related to their personal lives. You would be wrong, because Facebook is a big land for your business. Without spending a dime you can do extreme marketing of your website or blog through this social networking giant in many different ways.

Why Do You Need a Facebook Likebox?

One of the most popular ways is creating a Fan page and getting people to like it. Fan pages are created by Facebook users for their small (or big) businesses, community, personal interest, public figure and lots more. You too can create a page specifically for your blog/website and get people to like it. So, what’s the use of making others be fan of your page on Facebook?

The benefit is huge. You know how addictive Facebook is. Many people constantly keep logged in to Facebook and see what’s up on their news feed. When a particular person likes you page, anything you post on your page will instantly show up on his/her wall. If it gets popular, it may get hanged there for some time until he sees it. Sounds amazing, right?

Creating a Fan page is easy. But it’s not what we’re talking about today. Once you create a page, the next thing you need to do is get people to like it. You may link to your Facebook page directly from your homepage. But wouldn’t it be better if you didn’t have to redirect visitors to Facebook but get them to like your page right on your site?

That’s where the like box comes into play. The like box stays anywhere on your site and lets visitors – that are logged in to Facebook – like your page instantly without having to leave your blog or open a new tab containing Facebook. In today’s post, I’ll show you how to create a like box for your website or blog.

How to Create a Facebook Like Box

Facebook has a dedicated site for developers. Even if you aren’t really a developer (only a blogger, we assume), you will have to go through Facebook developer’s platform in order to create a like box for your website or blog. Before we begin, I should mention that you must already have a facebook page for your blog. If you do, simply go to this link. You’ll meet a page identical to the following:

Now in this page, you will have to configure your like box. You can change it later from the code pasted on your website if you understand them, but it’s better to do every customization right here.

Facebook Page URL

On the Facebook Page URL, paste the full URL/link of the page you created for your blog or website. On the next field enter the desired width of the like box. This may not be perfect at first. After pasting the code on your blog, you can always come back here and try different width to fix the size to fit your blog/website’s sidebar or wherever you plan to put the like box.

Color Scheme

Next up is color scheme, in maximum cases, light will be the best option for you. However, if your blog is dark-themed, you can always choose dark theme for the like box. The choice is up to you. Play around with it.

Show Faces

Show Faces checkbox shows a few of the people who liked this page. This is useful if you have a good number of fans and if you want the like box to draw attention of your visitors. I always prefer to enable Show Faces option even when the page is brand new.

Border Color

If you prefer to design your like box with a specific border color, you can put up the color reading here.

Show Stream

Show Stream displays recent activities of the page right on your blog or website. It’s good if you want to make the like box look bigger. However, personally I prefer to turn it off because that way the like box looks much better.

Show Header

Show header checkbox displays the “Find us on Facebook” text above the like box. If you disable it, it won’t be displayed. That’s all it does.

Now click the Get Code button. Soon you’ll find three different options to paste code on your site.

I prefer the iFrame one because that doesn’t need you to edit the header of your site’s theme. So, click iFrame and copy-paste the code on your site. Wherever you paste the code, the like box will appear right there. If you’re using WordPress and you want it to appear on your sidebar, simply go to Widgets and drag-and-drop a text widget then paste the code and save it. You’re done!

Here’s what it looks like when it’s live on your site:

For the record, in this like box we used in Flakes Fusion, the header is turned off, show stream is turned off, show faces is turned on and color scheme is light.

I hope it’s been easy for you to follow the tutorial today. Up next we’ll show you how to show Facebook like button on every article/page of your WordPress-powered Blog.