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How to Install WordPress on Web Server Using Fantastico

If you are into blogging world, then you already know about WordPress. Millions of blogs are created using this open source blogging platform that provides countless features. As we are focusing on beginners tutorials at the moment and decided to write a post on how to install WordPress on a web server using Fantastico.

fantastico logoIf you are totally new to WordPress, then you should probably install WordPress on your computer first to test it locally. However, installing WordPress using Fantastico is really easy that hardly takes 5 minutes. Lets go through the process.

Step 1

I hope you have got hosting space and a domain name for your blog. If you haven’t then try HostGator for hosting. I found them reliable and recommend them. You can buy domain from anywhere like NameCheap, NameBoy.

Once you have got your domain and hosting, then login to your hosting cPanel with the username and password.

Step 2

After logging in, click on ‘Fantastico De Luxe’ under the software and serveices area.


Step 3

Within a while Fantastico panel will appear. Just click on WordPress from navigation area on left and then click on new installation.

fantastico wordpress install

Step 4

In here, you have to fill-up some required information. Select the domain name where you want WordPress to be installed. If you want to install WordPress in a different directory, then specify the directory name on the ‘Install in directory’ field. You don’t have to create that directory as it will be automatically created. Enter your user-name, password, email and other information and then click on “Install WordPress” button.

Step 5

Fantastico will show up the database name that will be created and the access URL. Click on ‘Finish installation’ for final installation.

Step 6

After that WordPress will be installed on your web server. Now your site is ready and you can log in to the admin panel using the username and password that you have entered in step 4.

Finally enter your email address and hit ‘Sent E-mail’ to get the details of the installation. You can start using a free WordPress theme for your blog or you can use a premium theme to stand out of the crowd.