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How to Easily Identify a Font

You have got a big collection of fonts that you use on your web design projects. But you just found a website that using a font you like. Unfortunately you don’t know what that font is. Even sometimes your client may ask you to use his favorite nameless font. Now, how you going to find that font?

identiy a fontWell, the best easy way is to use an automated tool where you can just upload an image of your typeface and it will tell you which font that might be. Another way is to use font forums where you have to wait until someone response. Let me introduce a few tools and forums to get you started.


This is the most popular font identifier. Though it couldn’t identify all the fonts that I have thrown on it but it did a really good job. Lets go through the process on how to use it.

what the fontAt first you need to upload a sample image of that font. Make sure the font is clear and doesn’t have a noisy background. Then click on the Continue button.

After that it will identify the characters. Make sure it does it properly. Character boxes should be left blank if no valid character is highlighted.

Then WhatTheFont will suggest some font that similar to the font you have uploaded. Another amazing thing about those suggestions is that you will find some of those fonts really interesting and may end up choosing one of those. Anyway, if you don’t like any of those font, you can go to their font forum and ask about that font. They have a really good success rate.

Typophile is another great forum where you can get your answer by simply uploading an image of your font. Though it doesn’t have any automated tool but it has some other resources like, typography Wiki, blogs and typography-related news.


If you don’t have an image of the font you are looking for, then you can use this tool to identify your font.

All you have to do is to answer a few questions regarding your font. Its not really good enough to find all of the font you are looking for, but it does a good job.

Bowfint Printworks is similar to Identifont. But you don’t have to go through multiple pages when answering about your font. Even you can ask a question about your font via email, where the owner of the site is willing to answer your question.

There are more than 100,000 typefaces out there. That’s why its not really easy to identify a nameless font. But these tools helped me lot to do that. Are you using any of these tools? or something else? Share your experiences below.