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How to Create a Panoramic Photo Using Adobe Photoshop

Also known as Wide Format Image, Panoramic photos are relatively wide angle photos that cover a wide area of the subject. Most often, landscapes are photographed using this technique so that the entire scene is visible in one single shot. However, many people believe that you have to have an expensive camera with wide angle lens in order to take a beautiful panoramic photo. This is completely incorrect. Panoramic photographs can be taken in many different ways. One of the most popular of them is stitching photos together. Multiple shots are taken of the entire view and then stitched together to create one wide photo. This page will help you understand the concept of Panoramic photos (also called Panorama photos) with few example shots.

photoshop logoToday we will show you how to do this using your compact digital camera and Photoshop CS5 on your computer.

Take the Shots

As long as we’re talking about photography, there is no alternative to going out with your camera and taking actual shots. First of all, find a landscape which is so wide that you can’t really cover in one single shot. Then continue taking shots from the very left of the scene to very right. For example, here are three shots of a mountain view.

Now if you open these photos in three tabs on your browser, you will get an idea of how the shots were taken. You just have to capture the whole landscape with as many photos as you can. Of course you cannot be 100 percent accurate so don’t worry about that. Just keep shooting until the entire desired view is captured.

Now let’s go back to your computer and open Photoshop CS5.


Photoshop CS5 comes with numerous extremely useful features. One of them is the ease of making panoramic photographs in a few simple clicks. Photoshop CS5 has artificial intelligence that can actually analyze the photo and match the background with all the photos to come up with one wide shot. To do this, first you have to open Photomerge option from File > Automate menu.

The Photomerge window will appear. Make sure you have selected Auto from the options on the left. Now click the browse button and select all the photos (starting from left to right) that you took earlier. Always make sure the order of the photo is right otherwise Photoshop will mess it up.

Also make sure the “Blend Images Together” checkbox is checked. Click OK. Now Photoshop will start working on stitching your photos together. This can take some time depending on how many photos are there and how fast your computer is. Once done, you’ll see an identical screen to the following one:

If you look closely, you’ll see that the edges aren’t perfect yet. That’s why you need to crop the photo after each photomerge action. Simply click the Crop tool from the tool bar on your left and select the area that doesn’t have any white space on the corner of it. Then hit Enter to crop out. Now you have a perfect panoramic photo created by Photoshop and shot by your compact digital camera.

For the purpose of fast-loading we have made the file size significantly smaller. In fact, extremely wide photographs can be created using this tool on Photoshop that can stitch more than 10 photos and result in an image wider than 4000 pixels. Just go out with your camera. Take multiple shots of the landscape (preferably a field) and then try the above tutorial on your Photoshop CS5. You’ll be amazed at what you have just learned here at Flakes Fusion!