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One of the best thing about the award-winning content management system, WordPress, is the ability to avail additional functionality through third-party scripts. It’s called plugin. A plugin extends the functionality of a WordPress-powered site significantly. Literally, there are no WordPress-powered blogs that don’t have at least a few number of plugins installed and activated. In ... Read more...

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Username is one of the most important thing in anything online. Be it your email account, your social networking site, twitter, or blogging account. Most of the time you are not allowed to change your username because of the technical difficulties and identity matters. You can change your display name on most blogging platforms, but ... Read more...

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Facebook is the most popular social networking platform on the planet. Social networking has been vastly popular over the past few years. At first it was MySpace and now Facebook is leading the social networking world as of today with Google+ in grave competition. Hundreds of millions of people actively use Facebook every day using ... Read more...

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