5+ Tutorials to Get You Started as a WordPress Theme Developer

Nowadays, having the ability to develop a WordPress theme is becoming a must for web developers. Clients are frequently asking to develop a custom WordPress theme to stand out of the crowd. Not only for clients, but also you can make a good amount of money by selling your themes on popular marketplaces. Now,  if you think you are okay with HTML, CSS and PHP, you can jump over the world of WordPress theme development. Though PHP is not that essential cause you will find PHP codes on the web for various functions.

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In this post I will be listing some useful resources to help you out. At first you can have a look at the WordPress codex on theme development to understand some basic things about WordPress theme development.

Building Custom WordPress Theme (WebDesignerWall)

This is a complete tutorial for beginners where the author explained how a WordPress theme works. WordPress Codex page about theme development might be a bit difficult to newbies. This tutorial will make you understand all the basics to start building a WordPress theme.

So You Want to Create WordPress Themes Huh? (WPdesigner)

A complete list of all the lessons you need to learn theme developing. Every lessons are focusing on different topics that described in details.

Design a creative clean blog theme in Photoshop (GrafPedia)

Just a design tutorial that will teach you how to design a simple yet nice looking blog layout using Adobe Photoshop.

Create WordPress Themes From Scratch (ThemeTation)

A really good tutorial that covers almost every steps of theme design and development from structuring, creating mock-up, slicing, coding, and finally wordpress implementation.

How to Code a WordPress 3.0 Theme (OnextraPixel)

WordPress 3.0 introduces with many useful features. This tutorial will show you how to develop a WordPress 3.0 theme that going to use some cool features of the new WordPress version.

Developing Your First WordPress Theme (WP-Tuts)

WP-tuts is the new blog of tuts+ network. They have got a three-part series post that will take you through a step-by-step process to a complete WordPress theme.

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